CMAT 2013: Poor CMAT results give jitters to B-schools: 70% test takers score less than 30%

With AICTE announcing the results of Feb CMAT 2013, score cards of MBA aspirants give jitters to B-schools seeking quality candidates, as more than 70 per cent CMAT applicants score less than 30 per cent marks.

According to ranking data released by AICTE, only 33666 candidates could score 30 percent or more out of the total 117437 candidates who were ranked.

The ranking also reveals that a total of 1453 candidates scored zero or less with as many as 315 students scoring zero and rest 1138 securing even lower. The lowest score touched an all time low of – 40. The lowest score in last CMAT held in September 2012 was -36. Thus, the CMAT results show that though the number of MBA aspirants is on rise, their quality has gone down.

The AICTE conducts CMAT which consist of a total of 100 questions of four marks each. The test takers are awarded 4 marks for each right answer and one mark is deducted for every wrong answer. Thus, maximum marks a candidate can obtain in CMAT, is 400. However, only less than 30 per cent of the candidates could score more than 120 marks.

The Feb CMAT was the second test of the season for MBA aspirants seeking admissions to MBA and PGDM programmes in 2013-15 academic sessions.

As a number of university departments and colleges have agreed to base their admission process on CMAT, the test offers an opportunity to aspirants to get admission into those institutions for their low fees and hence cost-effectiveness. But, the score cards of the MBA aspirants have only added to the woes of the B-schools which are increasingly concerned about the quality of candidates seeking admission to their programme. The scores also indicate that the CMAT would mostly be used by the B-schools which lie at the bottom end of over 4,000 B-schools in the country.  The next quest for AICTE, however, should be to promote quality which in turn can bring more top B-schools into CMAT fold.

Stay tuned to for more news and updates on CMAT.

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